Raising River Band


Beautiful vocals, crystal pure harmonies, cutting instrumentals, original song writing.

To learn more about the Raising River Band visit  www.raisingriverband.com

To learn more about the Raising River Band visit www.raisingriverband.com



I have loved writing and performing music for so many years and get completely jazzed harmonizing with other singers.  I was part of an all female classic rock band at one point in my career experienced touring through California and Hawaii.

I have a large library of songs and five self produced CDs of original music.



When I was a kid my dad was way into old time country music.  Kitty Wells, Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash gave me my first taste of simple songs with big stories.  I sang in school plays and had visions of being a professional singer for a minute or so until I changed my major voice to agriculture.  That's a long story, but in the end the dream of working in farming was strong and I figured I could always keep music in my pocket, which I did. 



I was born in New Haven, CT. and Music has always been a part of my life.  I started playing guitar around age 9 and never stopped.  I studied opera from age 9 to 18 (Mom’s dream haha!) My musical interests are varied and I consistently draw on that exposure when composing originals, currently in the Bluegrass/Americana genre. 



I graduated with a degree in microbiology, so science is my strong suit, hence music is as well. I've been playing resonator guitar, lap steel, pedal steel guitar and dobro since the 60's across the country, in the studio, on the stage and in every genre.  I've been in the house band at Cousin Dave's New Bedford Massachusetts, The North Country Swing Band and a Grateful Dead cover band.  I am constantly looking to improve the band I'm in and myself.  Being part of the Raising River Band is a real treat!  I love the strong harmonies and we just have a great time playing together.



This ain't my first rodeo folks.  I play upright bass, electric bass, guitar and keyboards and have done so for some time now.



As a musician I play a variety of instruments, from piano to guitar to percussion, just to name the main few. I started playing music when I was around 9, beginning with my grandmother sending me off for a few years worth of piano lessons.  The only problem with that was that I had never actually learned HOW to read the music, because I quickly discovered that I could play by ear and it was much easier for me to just repeat and play exactly what I heard.



I play the fiddle and live in Berlin New Jersey.

I keeps odd hours, enjoy thrift stores, books and spending time with my family. Drop Mic.



I earned by MA in Music Therapy from New York University in 1980 and worked in that field for many years. I have studied and played music since I was a very young child, beginning with piano and trumpet before adding guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and harmonica.